Squares Rug Bedspread Blanket Carpathian plaid Handmade 100%wool

Squares Rug Bedspread Blanket Carpathian plaid Handmade 100%wool

Squares Rug Bedspread Blanket Carpathian plaid Handmade 100%wool
Best wool throw blanket from Ukraine. Lizhnik - the Carpathian blanket and throw. Heavy wool blankets belong to the oldest type of folk art woolen products. They catch your attention with weaving patterns, fleecy nap and relief surface. Handmade woven throw blankets were the most widespread in the Carpathian region.

100% Sheep Wool Blanket Handmade, Heavy Weight and Extra Warm. New without tags, handmade item, thick and well-ma. Woolen blankets art was an essential part of Ukrainian household activities. All Ukrainian wives were involved into the weaving process together with children.

Precious hand weaving technique is reflection of blanket throws quality Despite the fact that cozy throw blankets gives you the feeling of warm during cold winter days, it was used all year round by ancient Ukrainians. Wool blanket also had a decorative meaning. People hung them at the wall by the bed.

It was believed the more wool blankets you have the richer family was. Some stains can be washed with cold or slightly warm water; the water should drain off - don't squeeze. If you have any questions or would like to receive a custom order, please contact me and I will be very happy to help you. Shake your blanket well and most of the dirt stuck to it will come off. If you accidentally spill something like coffee or wine on it, wet blanket with cold water.

After the stain is washed, place the area between two towels and squeeze lightly. Then place the blanket in good ventilated place, turn it over periodically until it dries.

A woven Hutsul handmade coverlet is made of natural sheep's wool. It has a simple pattern using a variety of geometric shapes. Natural colors - black, white and gray, all other colors are painted with natural dyes. It is known that sheep wool is famous for its medicinal properties. Especially with radiculitis and osteochondrosis.

This is completely manual work. Therefore, each product is slightly different. There is no absolutely identical product. The present product is handmade, so color and patterns may vary. The color in the photo may be slightly different from the real one!!!

(camera distortion or color depth). Colorful throw blankets have preserved 100 hundred years Ukrainian folk traditions. The first thing is color. Natural wool color lies in the ground of blanket; from white, brown to black.

Even now craftsmen still use all natural plant colorants to create the patterns. Wool blanket patterns are based on the rules of symmetry and ornamental level balance. Everything is more complicated that it seems to be at the first glance.

We had to work long and hard to make one medium sized blanket or rug. I use only natural wool from sheep raised in the high ukrainian Carpathian Mountain pastures, color with natural dyes. First, we thoroughly wash and dry the raw wool, comb and fluff it. The combed wool is easily processed and spun into threads (roving yarn), which are then used to make rug on a hand-made loom.

Then we place woven rug in a big wood barrel narrowed to the bottom under strong head of water jet. The flow of water rapidly increase, rotating blankets for hours. That's how rug became tight and fluffy.

Later on we dry rugs outside on open air, comb with a special brush to loose extra fibers. Blankets of wool are the most popular and most purchaseable kinds of bedspreads not only in Kiev but also in Ukraine. This is not surprising, because they are not only beautiful, but also have many advantages.

Ever since ancient times the unique energy of bedclothes of natural wool has been known. Found that a special aura comes from woolen products that makes a positive effect on metabolism at the cellular level. Doctors recommend blankets for patients with osteochondrosis, rheumatism, and all who are prone to colds. Sheep wool is impregnated with a special ingredient - lanolin (animal fat) and has a structure capable of holding air, which is why wool blankets perfectly retain heat. In autumn and winter, when the room is cool, the woolen blanket will warm, and in the summer it is not hot at all under it. It is hard to create something better than that provided by nature, and the blanket of sheep wool is the evidence of this. Because wool is a perfect temperature regulator for the human body, in addition, it has the ability to absorb 35% of moisture, which is evaporated during sleep by the human body. At the same the blanket remains completely dry. This item is in the category "Home & Garden\Bedding\Blankets & Throws".

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Squares Rug Bedspread Blanket Carpathian plaid Handmade 100%wool